do you share our values? 


We've found that for the great majority of refugees and people seeking asylum, the process of finding meaningful employment in Australia can be both challenging and disheartening. By hosting Free to Feed in your home or coming along to a cooking class you're helping refugees and asylum seekers receive training, support, a wage and opportunities to share their skills in meaningful ways.

Cultural exchange

We believe in celebrating diversity.At each cooking class, you'll learn how to cook authentic, traditional dishes from your instructor’s home country. You also get to hear their incredible stories, as they relate their journeys and rich cultures to you.


We believe that sharing a kitchen is a strong and genuine gesture of welcome and acceptance, an intimate space in which the simplest and most meaningful cultural exchanges can occur. Perhaps the most beautiful part of joining a Free to Feed cooking class, is that you are saying “hey, you're welcome here; we recognise that you've got a lot to offer … we want to listen to you and learn from you”. 

Making connections

We believe in community and we hope that our programs will enable refugees and people seeking asylum to make genuine connections with ordinary Australians.