Iranian Masterclass 

Take a journey through Iran's History with the Master, Hamed, and learn to make some seriously authentic and challenging Persian dishes. You'll be greeted with a special appetiser and Hamed's fragrant saffron, cardamom and honey tea. For starters, you'll learn to make a hearty dish, such as 'Kashk-e bademjan' (golden eggplants, mint and a salty kashk cheese) or Hamed's famous dadami dip (herb dip). For main, you'll be creating something truly special and authentic, such as 'Fesenjoon', an unforgettable slow-cooked stew of walnut, pomegranate and chicken and one of the world-famous Persian rices, such as Baghali Pollow or Jewelled rice. Hamed is also excited to be introducing you to one of his many specialty desserts, such as 'Bamieh', mouthwatering Persian Doughnuts with saffron and rose water, Persian baghlava or maybe even Saffron rice pudding.. This class is all about mastering the fusion of flavours, which are so typical in Iranian cuisine, like pomegranate molasses, kashk, herbs, mint and rose water.

 Hamed's Persian Vegetarian Favourites!

In this class, our charismatic instructor, Hamed, will greet you with his freshly brewed Persian teas and a yummy appetiser. The aim of this class will be to learn how to make a selection of Hamed’s favourite vegetarian Iranian dishes. We will explore some of the most delicious dishes from the region such as felafel or stuffed vine leaves. You’ll also learn the art of Persian rice cooking, considered the best rice in the world, this is an involved and complex process resulting in a hearty and delicious queen rice dish that will reign over any dinner! You'll also explore some delightful side dishes and for dessert, Hamed will teach you how to make a luxurious Persian halva, his Saffron Rice pudding, Baghlava or even Nougat. 

 Tehran Street Food

Take a journey to Iran and learn to make the most popular street foods of Tehran, the bustling capital city and Hamed's beloved home town. This class will put you in the driver's seat to create the very same delicious foods that would be on offer if you were cruising the bustling and vibrant streets of Tehran. Discover the secrets behind tasty treats such as Tehran-style hot dogs, falafels, fresh and zesty salads, street side dips & pickles, and a popular winter street side soups with a refreshing burst of fried mint and garlic and more! 

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