Cooking Classes

Welcome! In our immersive, hands-on cooking classes, you’ll connect with rich cultural traditions and learn recipes that tell tales of generations of home cooks. Our classes are an intimate and vibrantly merry experience – a journey of discovery, sharing and bountiful, delicious feasting.

Join in or host one of our classes and indulge in incredible flavours and heady aromas. You’ll learn new cooking techniques and authentic recipes from all around the world. Come and celebrate a special event with family and friends by doing something unexpected, delectable and supportive of a good cause. Or, roll up your sleeves just because! Fervent foodie or first-timer, everyone’s welcome in our kitchen.

Free to Feed Classes are held in our purpose-built Thornbury kitchen and gathering space. Search for a class and book in on the calendar below.

Home Experiences allow you to host a class in your own kitchen and bring family and friends around your table to feast.

Workshops are for colleagues to come together for corporate team-building or celebration.

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Cooks in Residence


Nayran has journeyed to Australia from Syria. As a child, Nayran observed her father cooking dinner every single night and the importance of families and friends feasting together is something very close to her heart. Nayran creates wonderfully aromatic and delicious treats – many that she prepared in her bustling Damascus restaurant – and loves to share with anyone willing to try something new. If you’re keen to learn a few tricks to spice up your repertoire, Nayran is a font of knowledge and will generously offer recipes, tips and techniques.

Manel is from Malaysia, a Tamil-Hindu Indian Malaysian with a Brahmin father. Such a cultural heritage made for eclectic food tastes growing up, which she evolved into her own food enterprises as a young woman. Now living in Melbourne, incredibly happy that her son has recently been able to join her, she shares her colourful and exotic repertoire in her classes. Manel’s dishes are as fiery as her spirit and you’ll be hooked on her authenticity and warmth in no time.


Hamed lives by the saying, هميشه عشق به غذا بده واسه اينكه خوشمزه ميشه. It roughly translates to, “Always add love as an ingredient to your cooking, to make it delicious.” Hamed is so passionate about cooking and sharing his incredible culinary heritage that you can’t help but taste the love in his food. Hamed is from Tehran, Iran, where he owned a café. Now, he lives here with his wife and gorgeous children and is busy sharing the delights of Persian food all over Melbourne. Join or host one of Hamed’s classes, unlock the pantry that is your heart and master the art of combining some truly magical ingredients!


Niro’s classes are a wonderful opportunity to broaden what you think you know about subcontinental curries! Niro shares his family’s Sri Lankan Tamil recipes, many of which are naturally vegan and vegetarian (that said, his chicken curry is fast gaining a serious following!) and that he learned from his mother and grandmother in their Sri Lankan village. Niro’s classes are always warm, generous and happy, just like their instructor.


Charu was a chef and restaurateur in her home town Colombo, Sri Lanka’s coastal capital. Now living here in Melbourne with her young son (the recently crowned Tamil speaking champion of Australia!), the two of them love making home videos of cooking together. She shares her expertise and passion for great food with such joy, you’ll be smiling all the way to the shop to fill your pantry with new ingredients and freshly ground spices! Come to Charu’s classes ready for storytelling, laughter and a delicious feast.